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Mace® Bear Protective Spray

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This powerful Magnum Fogger sprays up to 30 feet! Empty in approximately 5.4 seconds. Contains 260 grams and measures 8 x 3/4 x 2

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Bear Deterrent Pepper Spray

Question: Does this come with a holster?

Answer: There is a nice nylon holster with a belt loop that you can purchase

Question: It it falls into the water, would it need to me replaced?

Answer: It's a pressurized can and should not need to be replace. I would test fire it to make sure it still works - but not replace it if it works.

Question: Can this be shipped to all states?

Answer: According to US law, Bear Deterrent is legal in all 50 states. However, it cannot ship by any form of air transport. It must go by ground. If you wish to purchase this from us, just choose "standard" shipping as it will have to go by ground. However, it is not legal as a defense spray for anything other than a bear. Any other use would be illegal because of its size and label restriction.

Question: How long does it last when not used?

Answer: The expiration date is on every canister. The expiration is always at least 4 years away. However, even after it's peak effectiveness drops off, it will remain reasonably effective for a few more years, though I would suggest replacing it soon after.

Question: What happens when I spray this on a bear?

Answer: The spray causes a bear's mouth to foam up, reduces its vision, dampens its sense of smell and makes it difficult for the animal to breath, which makes it difficult for the bear to charge.

Question: Are you able to test the product without using up too much of it?

Answer: Yes. It can make short bursts as well as sustained sprays. It's a lot like pepper spray in how the aerosol works.Question: Can you spray this with one hand, or do you need two? Thanks.

Question: Can you spray this with one hand, or do you need two? 

Answer: Easy to spray once the safety clip is taken off. You should practice taking the clip off with both hands and then with one. If difficult with one you should carry without it when in bear country.


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