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Steel Batons

Telescopic steel baton is somewhat different than the regular steel baton. Extended baton or telescopic steel baton is a different kind of baton where it is composed of three different sections. Each of the section is made with slightly different diameter size so that it can be collapsed when it is not being used. Initially, this weapon is mostly carried by police officials as a part of their uniform. But nowadays, many people are using telescopic steel baton for their own personal defines from the bad guys. As a means of self defense, there are plenty of benefits and loss of using telescopic steel baton.

Benefit #1: Easy to Conceal

When you compare it with a regular baton, telescopic steel baton is so much easier to conceal or hide. Regular baton is such a space taking item because of its size and form which is rather big and difficult to be hidden. With telescopic steel baton, you can hide it in the collapsed form and people who threaten you will not suspect that you have a protection weapon for yourself. That is why some police officers prefer to use telescopic steel baton because it gives a sense of friendliness to the general community.

Benefit #2: Versatile weapon

Regular baton tend to have a fixed range because the size could not be modified. But telescopic steel baton could be extended, giving it such a wider and larger range of attack. Not only that, telescopic steel baton is also capable of being used in its collapsed form. So not only it provides a far range of offense, you can also use it for a close range offense. Therefore, extended baton is so much more versatile than regular baton to be used as a mean of self-defence.

Benefit #3: Intimidation Technique

The extended steel baton could be collapsed and extended whenever you want. And when you need to defense yourself, extended baton could provide you with the technique of intimidation. By extending the baton, the baton will create such a sound and visual that could be intimidating to the threatening person. This results in the possibility of de-escalation of the overall escalation without even the chance of using real violence. The intimidated person will think twice before attacking you after seeing you with the extended baton.

Benefit #4: Easy to Carry

One of the most obvious benefits of using the extended steel baton that regular baton for self defense is its space friendly value. When the baton is collapsed, it will shrink in size and create a situation where it becomes easy to handle. The average size baton is in the range between six to ten inches. With the averagely small size, you can carry it around in your pocket or bag without taking too many spaces. That is why plenty of officials such as the police prefer to use extended steel baton than the regular baton.

Benefit #5: Double Feature

What most people do not know about extended baton is that you can use them in both collapsed and extended mode. The only difference that they have is the range of attack that it is capable of delivering. When it is being collapsed, certainly you only have a shorter range of attack. But when you extend it, you will have a longer range of attack which could be useful. It certainly possesses a slight benefit compared to the use of regular fixed baton which only deliver such a medium range of attack.

Benefit #6: Threatening Feature

At a brief glimpse, the telescopic steel baton might not have such a threatening feature that could intimidate your opponent. But when you extend the baton, you will see that the telescopic steel baton is capable of intimidating anyone who threatens you. When people see you extending your baton, they will be aware of the danger that you have in your hand. This could result in them being intimidated and back out from trying to attack you. Therefore, sometimes you don’t even have to use the baton in order to scare your opponent. You only need to extend them and pretend that you’re about to attack them with your baton.

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