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Cell Phone

These Pretender cell phone stun guns look like real cell phones! This is an amazing tool designed just to protect you because you can wear this on your belt and it looks perfectly normal. But what isn’t normal about this phone is that when you dial a number, instead of dialing it to the person you want to talk to, the phone will give out 4.5 million volts through the attacker’s body! However remember, this will not kill the person, but will surely disable him for some time so you can run away.

These cell phones are the best tools in order to protect you as they offer the surprise factor. You can either keep them in the car or hook them onto your belt. These belts are fairly easy to use and will offer you better protection than any other device out there. This phone is relatively simple, it doesn’t take you a long time in order to get the voltage out, all you have to do is flip it on and press the button which will let the current out.

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