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Whenever you think of any stun weapon, you could image angry looking gadget emitting angry looking electrical impulses along with sizzling the (blank) air about it. Films as well as secret agent shows on tv illustrate these types of personal security devices usually as intense and extreme, products to become wielded about just like batons against martial arts chopping competitors. The truth is, the actual stun weapon has changed in to a great understated bit of devices with a few surprising benefits making it easy to use to help even one of the most fearful individual.

Stun Guns are available in numerous colors
and also you can choose from. You may favor a vibrant pink stun gun to reflect your own perception of individual style. Pink used to be almost nothing greater than a girlie colour. The color represented softness as well as fluffy, girly items. These days, pink seems to have grow to be symbolic of power. Pink symbolizes just how girls can fight back.

There are numerous
types of stun guns that are available in pink. The cellular phone stun guns deliver all the power of a regular weapon in the package of the cellular phone. You are able to take this particular fake cell phone out of your handbag in a very dark parking area and any person looking at is not going to recognize you've just armed your self. For a much more subdued strategy, look at the pen stun gun. These types of very compact items pack a punch within the shape and size of a writing pen for maximum discretion. There is even the stun gun lipstick, easy to carry inside your purse as well as hand, and nobody will know untill you need to use it.

With enhanced features, self-protection
and new disguises, these stun gun of yesterday is definitely long gone. You are able to purchase these kinds of self protection products with the trust of knowing you will be equally protected as well as discreet. Characteristics differ some by product, letting someone to personalize your own weapon to become the very ideal weapon to suit your needs.

Below are all of the stun guns that we carry in the color pink. Please take a
appear around to check out which one would be ideal for you as well as someone you know.

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